The Medieval and its Contexts

An international seminar was held at the Royal Asiatic Society, London and SOAS, University of London, 2-3 July, 2009. The purpose of the seminar was to assess the nature and characterisation of the 'medieval' by contrasting and comparing the medieval religious architectures of India and the west and by examining archaeological, theoretical and historiographical developments in the study of the medieval in India and Europe. Issues included the nature of state formation, the relationship of agrarian production and trade to the socio-religious order and the use of surpluses by religious institutions for major building projects.

Speakers and discussants:

  • Daud Ali (SOAS)
  • Prof. Hans T. Bakker (Groningen)
  • Nora Berend (Cambridge)
  • Anne Casile (Cardiff University)
  • Whitney Cox (SOAS)
  • Peter Draper (Birkbeck College)
  • Paul Dundas (Edinburgh University)
  • Adam Hardy (Cardiff University)
  • Nigel Hiscock (Oxford Brookes)
  • Kathleen Morrison (University of Chicago)
  • S. Reynolds (University College, London)
  • Michael Willis (British Museum)