British Museum sculpture catalogue

One of the key outcomes proposed by the project team in their AHRC application was a web-based catalogue of Indian temple sculpture in the British Museum. This has been prepared by Dr Michael Willis with assistance from Anne Casile (Cardiff RA 1).

Sculptures relevant to the project’s themes were selected for cataloguing and made available through the British Museum’s online collections database. See:

Each piece was given a detailed analytical description and provided with a bibliography and other pertinent data (such as epigraphic readings). All items have been illustrated. Low-resolution images are offered as free downloads from the Museum’s web-site. All the items catalogued under the project carry a notation acknowledging the support of the AHRC.

In addition, a book exploring the naissance of temple imagery and ritual was written by Michael Willis. This serves to introduce the Museum’s collections in a general way but is a free-standing research output explaining the raison d’etre of early Hindu temples and the forms of worship conducted in them. This has been published as: The Archaeology of Hindu Ritual: Temples and the Establishment of the Gods (Cambridge: University Press, 2009). ISBN-13: 9780521518741.

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