Temple, Village, Water and City: The Heart of India and the Paramaras


  • Introduction/Preface - Franciscus Verellen (EFEO)
  • Bhoja, Bhojpur and the Bhumija - Adam Hardy (Cardiff University)
  • The Royal Sites of the Paramara Dynasty in Central India - Michael Willis (British Museum)
  • The Royal Temple: the Udayeshvara at Udayapur - Doria Tichit (Birkbeck College)
  • Unfinished Paramara Projects: the Theatre of Broken Dreams, Act 2. - Muzaffar Ahmed Ansari (Chanderi)
  • Omkareshvar-Mandhata: A 'blind spot' in the study of Paramara history and culture - Jürgen Neuss (Free University, Berlin)
  • Mapping Omkaresvara's Early Medieval Past: Following Sculptural Fragments along the Parikrama Path - Tamara I. Sears (Yale University)
  • Royal Palaces in the Samarānganasūtradhāra - Mattia Salvini (Mahidol University, Thailand)
  • Vadovyapattana: An Agro-urban Centre and its Hinterland - Anne Casile (IRD, Paris)
  • The Heroic Landscape: Hero-stones and Sati-stones in Central India - O. P. Mishra (Department of Archaeology, Museums and Archives, Bhopal)
  • The Jain Bronzes of Bhopawar - Cam Sharp Jones (British Museum)