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In 2010 the Shree Kalyana Venkateshwara Hoysala Art Foundation has commissioned PRASADA, through Cardiff University’s Research and Commercial Development division (RACD), for Prof. Adam Hardy to design a new temple in the complex 12th-century style of the Hoysala dynasty. The traditionally constructed Hindu temple is to be built on a hill at Venkatapura near Nangali in Kolar District, Karnataka, India, made of the blue-grey soapstone (chloritic schist) beloved of the Hoysalas. It is to be dedicated to Vishnu in the form of Shree Venkateshwara (or Balaji). The brief is not for a copy of a Hoysala temple, but for a new creation arising from the design principles manifest in the tradition. The client aims to revitalise regional cultural traditions: the temple is to provide a setting for dance performances, with schools of dance and sculpture envisaged at the site. A group of master craftsmen proficient in the Hoysala style of sculpture has been identified to work on the project and to train apprentices.

The bhumipuja (initiation of the project, orientation of the temple, worship of the goddess earth) took place on 21 March 2010, and the shilanyasa (foundation stone ceremony) in April 2012. Large granite blocks are (2013) being transported to the site and lain to create a level platform for the whole complex.

Yashaswini Sharma, who completed her MPhil with PRASADA, is collaborating on the project through her architectural practice, Esthétique Architects

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SKVT main temple side elevation

SKVT main temple side elevation

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