Design Projects

Multi-faith Prayer Room at Leicester Royal Infirmary

In 1997 PRASADA was commissioned to design a multi-faith prayer room at the Leicester Royal Infirmary, to provide the hospital with a place of prayer/contemplation/meditation/spiritual replenishment for people of various faiths, both patients and visitors. The brief was to convert an internal store room. An anteroom, with washing cubicles, would lead to a principal space with a 'side chapel'. In the main space, eight columns would define an octagonal 'building within a building', where a raised ceiling, the largest of four such elements, would form a kind of three-dimensional yantra. The aim of the design was to achieve an architectural imagery that would be widely evocative - archetypal even. Symbolic resonance would be achieved through painting and clay ornament, some of which - although the project was never built - was made by students from the Leicester School of Architecure.

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