Design Projects

Shri Venkateshwara Temple of the United Kingdom, Oldbury

This project, the first purpose-built south Indian temple in Britain, was granted £3.3 million by the Millennium Commission, and the first phases are now complete. Adam Hardy first became involved in the project in 1998, while the temple Trust was looking for a suitable site, and PRASADA was architectural consultant throughout the early stages of design, working at different times with Associated Architects and Carl Bro Associates, as well as with Sthapati K. Dakshinamoorthy who has been responsible for the shrines and the inner gopura as built.

An ordering principle for the site was the pattern of concentric enclosures seen in the 'temple cities' of south India, though here most of the 'walls' would be landscaping features incorporating paths and changes of level. The 800 m2 main temple would constitute the central 'courtyard', roofed over, with the towers of shrines within appearing above, surrounded by roof lights, through which they would be visible from inside the building.